Kris Koats

Currently Available Prints

Koats are modeled by the Kris Koats Kanines
(Prints on models not available)

NOTE: Due to variations on individual computer software and color settings,  photos may vary from the actual color of the prints.




3 Shades of Gray

Alien Innards


Autumn Asters

Autumn Camo

Autumn Bias

Autumn Linen

Autumn Mums

Autumn Quilt


Bandana Quilt

Belly Up bobcat

Big Chill

Black & Blue

Black, White and Red All Over...

Blue Dragon

Blue Gray Argyle

Blue-Gray Tartan

Blue Mood

Blue-Orange Diamonds

Blue Swirl

Blurred Vision

Bone Blue

Bone Brown

Bone Green

Bone Sprinkles Blue

Bone Sprinkles Red

Brown Windowpane Check

Bubble & Squeak

Bundle Up

Bursting Sangria

Bursting Seagrass

Camelback Striped Plaid

Candy Apple Red Plaid

Canine Chic

Cat Feathers

Cathedral Plaid

Cat Stream

Chocolates Delight

Chim Chim Cheery

Circle of Wildlife

Confetti Blue

Confetti Red

Coral Sky


Cranberry Plaid

Cream & Navy Plaid

Daisy, Daisy Yellow

Daisy, Daisy Pink

Dia de Muertos

Diamond Jubilee

Distant Fire


Dog Daze Blue

Dog Daze Pink


Dusty Blue & Brown Plaid

Eggstra Fresh

Elegant Holiday Plaid

Fair Isle Red

Feather  Fur?

Flames of Gold

Fleurs Sur Le Bleu

Field of Blue Plaid

Field of Charcoal Plaid

Florida Grapefruit


Fuchsia Feline

Fuchsia Fun


Good Vibrations

Green Parchment

Gilded Peacock

Green Peace

Gray & Black Plaid

Gray Pink Plaid

Happy Hearts

Happy Herd

Heart Drops



Hep Cat

Heart of Fireworks

Heriz Moderne Blue

Heriz Moderne Red

Heriz Moderne Turquoise

Hide & Seek

Hills of Arizona

Holiday Paisley

Holiday in Stitches

Honey Comb

Hot Spots

It's a Hoot!

Jammin' Zebra

Jollyday Trees

Lilac & Ladybugs

Lime Tartan

Love Care Hope

Magical Princess Fairy

Matisse Camo

Médaillons Français

Merry Christmoose

Mid-Century Bubbles

Modern Art

Mumsies & Popsies

Muted Argyle

Native Harlequin

Navy Plaid

Neon Plaid


Nouveau Blossoms

Ombre Paws

Pastel Camo

Paws & Bones in Gray

Paws in Black & White

Paws On Pink

Paw Paw Paws

Paws on Red

Paws Royale

Peace Medallion

Peacock Potpourri

Penguin Cheer

Persimmon & Gray Plaid

Petal Power

Pink Gila

Pink & Orange Plaid

Pink Panther

Purple Panther

Plaid Heathers

Plaid Weave

Popeye's Camo

Plum Wild

Posies on Black

Posies on Navy



Prism Dragons

Prism Links

Psychedelic Blue

Psychedelic Indigo

Psychedelic Orange

Purple Camo

Purple Haze

Purple Passion

Purple Popping Posies

Purple Splat Cat

Purples & Gray Plaid


Rainbow Rumble

Red, White and Black Plaid

Romping Reindeer

Rose Toile

Rum Tum Tugger Tummy

Salmon & Gray Plaid

Shamrock Shake

Capt. Skully

Soccer Balls

Snow Cat

Snowflakes on Teal

Snow Paws

Some Things Fishy

Sonoma Blues

Sorcerer's Swirls

Southwestern Crazy Quilt

Splash of Orange

Spiral Rose

Square Deal


Stripes American Style

Stripes & Stars

Sunburned Zebra

Sunflower Winks

Tan & Blue Plaid


The Brown Family

The Democat

The Republicat

Thunder & Lightning

Tiger Blues

Tiger Tricks

Tiger Twirl

Tire Tracks Plaid

Trailing Arrows


Tribal Treasures


Twilight Tartan

Up Close & Reptilian


Warm Turquoise & Coral Plaid



White, Gray & barely Red

Wild Fuchsia

Wild Hearts

Wild Thing

Winter-Spring Plaid

Yuletide Tartan

Zig Zag Rug

Zinfandel Zing

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